About Us

Your partner in systems improvement

Providing expert solutions to help organizations succeed

At Quadra Alliance, we know how important it is for your business to run smoothly. But in order to do that, you need the right systems in place.

Companies across all industries are consistently challenged with managing employee turnover and related personnel needs. It is easy for staff to get bogged down with onboarding employees and all the administrative processes attached to having a successful work force. These constant pressures can lead to management fatigue, decreased productivity, employee turnover and slow your company’s growth.

We believe that any organization can find success when given the right tools. Quadra Alliance is dedicated to providing operational and training solutions along with software tools that will enable your company to reach its full potential.

By combining in-depth process analysis, technology, digital checklists, and targeted training, we help businesses cultivate a fulfilling, efficient, and productive workplace.

Building an Organizational Culture of Excellence

Our Philosophy

Working collaboratively to build an organizational culture of excellence through ongoing personal and process development.

Our Mission

Provide expert solutions to ensure organizational success.

Our Values

  • Treat all with dignity & respect
  • Give all a voice
  • Be transparent
  • All actions build trust

About Our Founder

Frank R. Gorgone, Jr.

Founder, Managing Director

A retired police Captain from Portland Oregon, Frank earned his way to the executive level of the Portland Police Bureau through his ability to collaborate with organizational and community stake holders, all the time building positive relationships both internally and externally. Frank Gorgone and by extension Quadra Alliance believes that the hub of all professional and personal success are strong relationships built on a foundation of mutual respect, trust, and shared goals. Quadra Alliance maintains that through educated leaders, mindful policy, procedures, and coordinated training sustainable success is achievable.

Goal driven and process oriented, Frank’s superpower is to bring diverse teams together to achieve better outcomes for all. In his career he spent years managing patrol operations while at the same time contributing to curriculum development, training  and implementation of both the hard and soft skills needed by law enforcement to flourish in today’s world.  As the regional administrator for a Federally funded youth prevention program Frank had the opportunity to work with governments, businesses, and community groups on a global level. It is with this experience that Quadra Alliance will team with your business to move it to the next level of success! 

Let’s build together.